Thursday, November 17, 2011

Roasted garlic chicken-mushroom-lettuce-soup!


1)Garlic buds-8-9
2)Soy sauce
5)pasta if desired
6)Chicken boneless pieces
7)Green chillies
8)Pepper dust
9)Lettuce bunch
10)Button mushrooms
11)Chinese seasoning

Grill some garlic buds in the micro...cut the mushrooms, lettuce, brocolli and micro these for just 2-3 mins, then micro the chicken for 10 mins(that should pretty much cook the chicken). Keep some chinese seasoning handy and soy sauce and vinegar.

Now...add some olive/white oil in a pressure cooker, add the garlic pieces chopped, and then add mushrooms, lettuce and brocolli..fry them for can add some cooked pasta as well if you want, then add the cooked chicken,some green chillies, sprinkle some salt and pepper, add soy sauce and vinegar and then enough water to it...and then pressure cook...after 2 sities, you can then remove the lid..and then sprinkle some chinese seasoning on it!! have it with garlic bread..tastes yum!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

5 herbs Barbequed chicken

1) 4 Leg pieces with Bone with slits made in between for the marinade to seep in.
2) Barbeque sauce 3-4 spoons
3) Ginger and garlic paste
4) Chings stir fry sauce- 1 and half spoon
5) Ketchup- 1 spoon
6) lemon grass, basil, oregano, rosemary, parsley- you get them in India in the bottle keya or you can search in Hypercity market for a mixed herbs bottle.
7)Fine grounded black pepper- 2 spoons
8) lemon juice
9) pinch of salt
10) red chilli flakes

1) Rub the chicken leg pieces with salt and lemon juice..leave it aside for say 15 mins.

2)Make a mix of ginger garlic paste, barbeque sauce, chings stir fry sauce, ketchup, all the five herbs mentioned in a good amount of quantity so as to get a flavour, black pepper, pinch of salt. Now add the chicken pieces to this mix. Let it marinate for two hours.

3) Once done, grill it in microwave for 15 mins, turn the sides and then again grill for another 15 mins.
4) serve with brown breads and french fries or boiled veggies:-)

Guys will be posting the picture shortly. Had cooked this delicious stuff this sunday evening!! perfect for the bangalore rainy season:-)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

When the sun seemed bright..and everything allright:-)

This one is dedicated to all my friends.. who are married, some having kids, some still trying to find that one..but everyone still missing that part of life..which goes with the song "Those were the best days of my life".

With bags slung stylishly on our shoulders, we had breezed into our college days with much elan. We knew that at the end of the day it was not studies we looked forward to but all the fun and drama of college life. For some it was about new place adjustment syndrome,for some it was a feeling "ofcourse now i can do my things..My folks be damned". For some it was the new feeling of love and lust combined. Not many would agree, but didnt that first kiss take your breath away, or the thought of your bf/gf giving you that special hug quite secretly though:-)
The drama was gossiping over the canteen lunch about a fashion disaster, or a bitchy girl who got away with all the attention for all wrong reasons ofcourse, of hating every bit of a teacher who was a proud owner of an important subject, of sharing notes with ur BFF and seeing that she gets better marks.The color of your cheeks turning green with envy but then brushing of that thought whispering to yourself "its ok, she is my friend after all". The need to get a fag in between classes just right in front of the fairer sex to make them feel "look at me I am so cool", which anyways wouldnt impress a soul out there.
Life was about feeling guilty at one time of the huge expenditure incurred in paying for xerox copies and at other time going extravagant in taking your girl for a date, or buying an expensive dress to wear at new years eve..After all it was not our own savings..hard earned money of our parents somewhere praying that we land with fat five figure monthly salary some years down the lane.

Life was about consoling your friend who got poor marks and you know she deserved better and cursing university people every minute. When you took up the self imposed exile on yourself when your lover dumped you and finally realized your girlfriends are better any day. When calling up parents was a weekend affair in the telephone booth..and sms'ng your boyfriend was meant for every second.

When craving for good food was on the high..the need to explore some new "drinks" was considered so wow. When we did everything possible to enjoy the essence of life.. we still not exposed to the turbulent dynamics of the world..
Finally, where we had created a haven for ourself and learnt to enjoy it..
Life has moved a lot more farther..we look back often, sometimes with joy, sometimes with feeling life is amiss. Life was so simple back then though we used to fret over exams and notes:-)

When life was meant to kiss away the pain..embrace the it king size..

Lets shout it again and sing with Mr. Adams "Those were the best days of my life".

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Teekha chicken-its really really it at your own risk

Before I go into the recipe, frankly speaking I have learnt it from a sis I have made in the journey of life. She is Priya Das and a very young girl who is very adorable to me,alomost like a family. I totally dedicate this one to her! I have added some zing factors of mine to the orignal recipe though:-P

1. 500gms chicken- with no skin and fat please!
2. Ginger paste- 2 spoon
3. Garlic paste- 2 spoons
4. Onions - 2 to 3 made into fine paste
5. Black and white pepper- grounded
6. Green chillies- say 8 to 9.
7. Red sukha chillies- say 8
8. Curry leaves- in india called as curry patta
9. Lime- 1
10. Red chilli powder- 2 spoons
11. salt to taste
12 refined oil
11. No haldi at all

1. Wash the chicken well.
2. Take the chicken in a pressure cooker, add ginger paste, garlic paste and onion paste as mentioned. Now add whole 4 red chiillies and 4 whole green chillies. add black and white pepper grounded.
3. Squeeze half of the lime to this mixture, add red chilli powder, salt say 2 spoons
4. Now marinate this for half an hour
5.after half an hour, add 1 cup of water to the pressure cooker. and let it go on steam in ur stove
6. After 2 whistles, remove the pressure cooker from the stove.
7. Meanwhile in ur mixie, make a wholesome paste of the red and green chillies. a very fine paste

8. Now in a broad pan, add refined oil just one spoon or a litlle more.
9. then add curry leaves, when they start crackling a little,add the chillies paste, then add finely grounded pepper(black and white)
10. No take a serving spoon and add only the chicken pieces one by one to the pan. At this stage dont add the chicken stew..

16. Finally once you are done with adding all the chicken pieces. you can start adding the stew slowly.. as you add the stew bring the pan to boil so that the stew gets absorbed completely by the chicken. Repeat the process of adding the stew and bringing the pan to boil.

17. Finally the gravy is abosorbed and u get a darkish brown color chicken dish.

18.Add some more pepper if u want. check out for salt if needed.

19. Finally add a little lime juice and you are done!

Have this with jeera rice! or may be parathas.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Chilly Mushroom garlic- for veggies who love chinese

1. Two packs of mushroom say 400gms
2. Capsicum cut in rings
3. Red bell peppers cut in rings
4. 8-9 pieces of Garlic chopped
5. Green chillies slit midways
6. Onions= 2 medium ones cut into rings
7. red chilli powder- 2 spoons
8.. black pepper- 1-2 spoons
9.Ajina moto- 5 to 6 pieces
10. i teaspoon of cornflour (not more than that please!!)
11. Refined oil
12 Basil leaves- brand name KEYA bottles
13. oregano leaves: keya bottles
14. 1 spoon butter
15. Soya sauce. chilli sauce, tomato sauce and chings stir fry sauce


1. Please wash the mushrooms thoroughly in running water..remove all specs of dirt and any black spots u notice. Actually try to buy clean ones from market.

2. Then cut the mushrooms into halves from middle.

3. Then Once its done, just dip it in hot water and wash it once and for all.

4.Now take a non stick kadai, add just 2-3 spoons of refined oil and let it get heated up.

5. Now add the chopped garlic, allow it to become a little brown.

6. once brown, add the sliced onion rings and fry them for a while. Then add capsicum and red bell peppers. Cover it and keep the gas in low flame.

7. After 4-5 mins, u can remove the cover and see the veggies are cooked. Now add mushroom pieces, red chilli, salt and litlle sugar over this and cover it.

8. Remember dont mix it in this stage. The water from mushrooms will help them get cooked.

9.once everything is cooked well, you can add all the sauces one by one- soya, chilli, tomato and stir fry.

10. Once done mix them, add the black pepper and ajina moto as desired

11. Then add the 1 spoon of cornflour in 1 small cup of water. stir this mixture and pour it over the cooked mushroom. Remember at this stage dont allow formation of lumps. Just stir the kadai well12. Lastly add 1 spoon butter, green chillies, basil leaves and oregano leaves for that added zing!

13. Its done. Make sure you have this with fried rice or noodles.

Thats going to be my next recipe!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bhindi do pyaza- for that special time when u wana see him smile


1. 250 gms Ladies finger(bhindi) cut in slits..the way you acually slit chillies. Please if u wash bhindi..make sure u let the water dry..or else you are gone with all the slimy thing:-)
2. haldi, coriander powder, jeera, pepper, mango powder, bharwan sabzi masala( MDH ka), red chilli powder,garam masala, chat masala(all these masalas one spoon each)
3. tomatao ketchup(get hold of kissan chatakdaar) salt to taste, sugar
4. lime- 1 half cut
5. dahi- thick one spoon
6. Mustard oil
7. Green chillies slit again from middle
8. onions sliced twice the amount of bhindi u cut basically( name itself says bhindi do pyaza)

1. Marinate the slit bhindis and slit green chillies in curd, lime juice and all the masalas, salt, ketchup and sugar as mentioned above..make sure you add them all.
Marinate this for 30mins-45 mins

2. In non stick kadai, add 3 spoons of mustard oil..fry the marianted mixture..and then take out the fried bhindis and chillies and keep them aside.
3. In the same kadai add desired quantity oil and add onions and fry them..with a lil salt so that browning occurs quickly..sometimes u may want to add potatoes so potatoes should be added along with the onions at this step.
4. After frying the onions, u add the bhindis and mix them lightly...
5. And here you are done..!

This should be hot, tangy and a lil sweet too:-) have it parathas!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Paneer burjhi-quick one for working ladies


Paneer- 1 slab 200gms smashed completely with hand or using a fork
onions: 2-3 very finely choppped
tomatoes 2 to 3- made into puree (grind it completely in mixie)
chillies- 3-4 cut into small pices
haldi- 1 pinch
jeera powder- i spoon
kitchen king masala- 2 spoons
coriander powder- 1 spoon
sukha jeera ke daane
refined oil
salt-according to taste
sugar-1 spoon


1. in kadai add oil..when its heated up..add few jeera ke daane, when they start crackling, add the tomato puree. fry it till the oil oozes out from the puree radiatiing outwards lol

2. Then add the chopped onions and green chillies
3. then fry it and then add all the masala above along with salt and sugar..remmeber kitchen king is ur thing gotta get hold of it..:-)
4. Then add the smashed paneer. and mix them all well together.
5.cover the kadai and keep the gas in low flame. this allows the masala to get inside. remember this should be followed for two mins
6. FInally this is done. Garnish with coriander leaves or chopped chillies.
7. Ofcourse it goes only well with parathas and rotis.
You may ask why sugar...this is told by my mom repeatedly that sugar and salt makes a good combo!!
if you are from the south and like things tangy..u can add a dash of lime to it:-)